About Our Research

For over 30 years, the LMU MBA Program has offered a unique opportunity to participate in an outstanding study of global business through the Comparative Management Systems (CMS) Program. The CMS Program allows students to gain firsthand exposure to global management concepts and practices. The CMS Program requires a year of study and concludes with travel to 3-5 countries in a specific region of the world. In each country, students meet with business executives, visit local attractions and learn about the business environment, social culture and customs.

Since 1983, CMS students have visited companies in more than 43 countries, including exotic and exciting destinations such as Reykjavik (Iceland), Beijing, Delhi, Hong Kong, Prague, Sydney, Stockholm, Bangkok, Istanbul and Rio de Janeiro. This year, the CMS Program will be taking its studies to Vienna, Austria, Athens, Greece, Rome, Italy, and Barcelona, Spain.

Vienna, Austria – May 17th & 18th; Athens, Greece – May 19th (evening), 24th-25th; Rome, Italy – May 26th, 27th, & 28th (morning); Barcelona, Spain – May 30th, 31st, & June 1st

While the actual travel for CMS takes place in summer, two semesters before the overseas visits, students are placed into teams based on their interests in specific business issues and areas. Each group is led by a faculty advisor. After two semesters of research and study, students visit several countries in a predefined region of the world.