Jobs appear – but, no filling pieces to be found.

The growing public debt is not the only thing that Italy needs to be afraid of. Italy’s Ministry of Work and Chamber of Commerce reported that for 2015, there were 76,000 jobs in the industrial and service sectors that could not be filled. This shocks many people when one considers that Italy has an 11.7 percent unemployment rate and a 37.9 percent youth unemployment rate (The Local – Italy, 1). It is clear that the technology and engineering markets in Italy are struggling to find qualified talent.

Experts list different reasons for this economic conundrum. Travel patterns show that thousands of Italian university graduates leave their homeland for foreign work opportunities. Italian statistics agency Istat reported that 7 percent of all PhD holders from 2004 to 2006 live outside Italy, which doubled to 14 percent for the doctorates from 2008 to 2010 (The Local – Italy, 1). Also, Italy may lack a high number of college graduates who study  software development and engineering. The Ministry of Work and Chamber of Commerce reported that 41.8 percent of job openings for software developers could not be filled, as well as 30 percent for engineering positions (The Local – Italy, 1). Also, Italian Companies have made it clear that many young Italians looking for jobs lack of work experience. Universities can help address this issue by creating more work placement opportunities for students.


“Thousands of Tech Jobs Vacant as Italy Can’t Find Talent”. The Local (Italy). 6 April 2016. Web


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