Mafia Bosses Captured

As you may or may not know, Southern Italy is riddled with corruption, primarily due to the Italian mafia, which runs rampant throughout the different regions. The mafia has its claws dug deep into nearly every economic sector and has been faulted for increased poverty in Southern Italy.

Often times it appears that the mafia is winning in the war on crime, but on January 30, 2016 the Italian police delivered a huge blow to the ‘Ndrangheta criminal organization. The Italian police captured mobsters Giuseppe Ferraro, 47, and Giuseppe Crea, 37, in Calabria region (The Calabria region is the southernmost region of Italy, forming the toe of the infamous Italian boot) Friday, according to Italian news agency Ansa. These two men had been on the run for some time now. Ferraro was found guilty of murder and Mafia association decades ago, and had been a fugitive since 1998 and Crea was convicted of Mafia association and had been on the run for nine years. The Interior Minister Angelino Alfano gave a statement saying, “Today is another great day for everyone and for the country because justice has won,”.

The ‘Ndrangheta criminal organization is linked to drug trafficking in South and Central America, Canada and the United States. The ‘Ndrangheta was formed in the 1860s, and is involved in kidnappings, corruption, drug trafficking, gambling and murders, according to the FBI. Notably, the group has between 100-200 members in the United States, mostly in New York and Florida.



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