Apple Looking to Breathe Life into Southern Italy

Riddled with crime and poverty, the city of Naples may have just received a god-send in the form of Apple.  600 jobs will be created when Apple opens its iOS App Development Center (ADC) in the city.  Its first in Europe, Apple CEO Tim Cook is in Rome today (1/22) to present the plans for the center to the people.  Italian Premier Matteo Renzi mentioned, “It’s an important experiment…[that] will help the next generation of Italian entrepreneurs acquire the competencies needed for success.”

The center, in addition to its role as a place to develop App Store ideas, will serve as a training center for Italians interested in becoming developers for Apple’s mobile app ecosystem.  Cook’s announcement comes right on the heels of Apple’s pledge to pay some €318 million in taxes owed to Italy’s inland revenue.  Apple’s Italian subsidiary was accused of transferring Italian profits during the 2008-2013 tax years to a subsidiary based in the Irish city of Cork, in order to benefit from Ireland’s lower corporate tax rate.

With Southern Italy’s status as a region that is focused on familial ties, and one that is rebounding from decades of under-development (especially in cities like Naples), the tax recovery will do very good things, if funds are utilized correctly.  This could create a new “family” business pool in Naples, with families now being committed to application development, as opposed to the more antiquated trades most currently practice.  Only time will tell, but it is positive to see Southern Italy on-board with development in the tech sector.


Apple to bring 600 jobs to poverty-stricken Naples.The Local (Italy). 21 January 2016.


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